About Us and the Farm

The Hairy Cow Farm started in Clever, Missouri on 10 acres. Being small, we researched what would do good on small acreage, low maintenance, easy birth, disease resistant, and easy to handle. We visited a local Highland farm, and here we are. We bought a few bred Highland heifersLink to Contact Us Page, mostly registered and a few non-registered, a mixed breed Highland heifers and a registered bull. That way we had instant calves and a way to breed them back, which worked out very nicely. The Lord has blessed us through the years. In our five years at Clever we started out with 3 other farms surrounding us. Soon those farms had been sold and then we had subdivisions, duplexes, and a church surrounding us. We quickly knew it was time for the Hairy Cow Farm to move on.

In November 2006, Hurley, MO became our home. We started from scratch on 35 acres and built new fencing, buildings, houseā€¦the works! It is still a work in progress. The cattle loved it from theLink to Contact Us Page very first day -- roaming the hills, cooling down in the pond, and relaxing in the trees. Later, we added chickens, who at first, roamed everywhere. However, we had to stop that because some were roaming way too far (and we have several hawks in the area) and some were tearing up the flower beds. So, they had a large, fenced-in area to eat and exercise in. We had the chickens for several years then decided to sell them so we could focus on the beef primarily. Ralphie (the dog) has gone on to live under the big oak. Jerica is still running around somewhere, Lexi (the new dog) is patroling the herd, then there is the mouser Sugar (the cat) watching the house.

You are more than welcome to come and visit and see the Highlands and our farm. Call us to set up time to let us know you are coming. Summer is the Highlands' time to hang out in the pond and the shade (it is usually hot!). Please see our sale listing to see the different Highlands we have for sale.


Jerry, Janet, and Jerica, Hairy Cow Farm